Why is this man So Upset?

   It's 2 AM on a holiday.  His Biggest Client absolutely, positively needs some data posted to the company web site by 9 AM.  There's a little glitch!  Panic sets in.  He can't find an answer.  He'll lose this multi-million dollar account!  Who is he going to call for HELP?!?  He should have Hosted with US!

We'll be there for you Toll FREE
24 Hours/day, 365 Days/year
(ALL Holidays included)

   Our friendly Tech Support staff will be there for you every hour of every day of the year!  Toll FREE, of course.  We have an extensive Online Manual with "step by step" instructions for everything.  We also provide all other types of online information that you'll ever need to make your Online Business grow.

We are a "One Stop Web Shop"

   We will provide you with every service and all the information that your online business will ever need to succeed.  If you don't know anything about the Web, we can provide you with a complete "Turn Key" solution.  Our FREE web site builder, the Site Monster, can automatically create your web site for you. Also, we can do everything for you, from building your web site to setting up your FREE merchant account.  We can also help you advertise your site on the web.  We have an extensive list of articles and web site building tools to help you build your web site, plan your online strategy, advertise and do everything else that you'll ever need.  We want your online business to succeed and grow with us!

We can put you at the TOP
of the Major Search Engine lists!

   Our Platinum Optimization Service will Guarantee that you will be placed at the TOP of the list on many major search engines (and hundreds of smaller ones) so that traffic will be driven to your web site to make sales.  What good is your web site if no one knows that it exists?  Traffic equals money.  If the hit counter doesn't roll, your web site will not make a dime.

99.9% Uptime -- Guaranteed
or we'll give you a refund! 

   Reliability is our middle name.  Others claim it, we actually produce it.  We put our money where our mouth is!  If your site is ever down and we can't get it back online in less than an hour, we'll give you a refund!  What good is a web site that doesn't work?  Our trained professionals will be monitoring all of our servers 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  Your business will always be online and taking orders.  We guarantee it!

Hosting Features

   We have an Awesome List of Hosting Features that no other web host can possibly match.  We also Pre-install over two dozen Ready-to-Run Programs with each account.  You get all the features of the "other guys" Advanced plans plus much, much more.  We will not waste your time or insult your intelligence by forcing you to compare many different hosting plans.  The only plan we'll offer is a very "Low Cost" and "Full Featured" plan with every "Bell and Whistle" included.  Just pick the type of server you want (Unix or Windows).

Why should you host with us?
In a word, "Quality"

   Our Awesome List of Features and FREE Services can never be beat by anyone.  Sure, you may find a few "wholesale" hosting services which may appear to cost a couple dollars less.  But, is it really worth it?  In the long run, are you really saving anything?  What are the hidden charges, setup fees, and upgrades going to cost?  What critical services and/or information are you missing to make your online business succeed?  Doesn't your business deserve the best?

Now you can have it ALL for LESS!
You Deserve the Best!

Don't know how to build a Web Site?

   We'll build it for you!  Need a professionally designed website?  Want to freshen up your existing site with fast loading graphics?  Quick turnaround, great customer service and affordable pricing makes 6Star's Designs the "Right Choice" for your Internet Development needs.

Looking for a Reseller plan?
Look No Further
67% Reseller Discount

   Just sign-up one Platinum account at regular price and get the second, third, fourth, and so on, at a 67% discount!  That’s right.  Everyone’s a Reseller.  No long applications to fill out, no setup fees, no waiting for commission checks.  Everyone automatically receives the discount.

   We will provide toll free Tech Support for all of your resold accounts.  Also, we will service these accounts anonymously so that you can "Name Brand" these hosting services under your own company name.  We will even provide you with a FREE "Ready-to-Run" anonymous support web site for your own Online Tech Support, Online Manuals, Ticket Monster, Server Status, and Knowledge Base.  We will give you everything you'll ever need to make your company "look and feel" like the REAL Web Host.

   Basically, we'll do ALL the Work while YOU make ALL the PROFITS.  We'll make your company "look good" while providing all of the web hosting services that you resell.

   On top of that, we'll give you access to our entire network of strategic partnerships with the "Top Companies" around the world so that you can offer ALL of the same services that we offer.  You will be able to be a Domain Registrar, provide TOP Search Engine placement to your clients, Incorporate your clients online in five minutes and much, much more.

Check out our Awesome Reseller plan today!

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