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   Today the web hosting market is the fastest growing Internet sector in the world.  Web Hosting revenues will reach $19.8 billion by 2004, up from $1.4 billion in 1999 (International Data Corp.).  So if you are thinking of getting into the business, now is your chance.  Become a 6Star.net Private Label Partner today.

Become a Web Host and Domain Registrar TODAY.

   Just sign-up one Platinum account at regular price and get the second, third, fourth, and so on, at up to 67% OFF!  That’s right.  Everyone’s a Reseller.  No long applications to fill out, no setup fees, no waiting for commission checks.  Everyone automatically receives the discount.  After you have setup your first account, just use the Reseller Order Form to add more accounts for your clients.  To change or cancel one of your client's accounts, use the Reseller Addons Form.

   Become a Domain Name reseller.  As a PLP (Private Label Partner) you will be able to resell Domain Name registration services to your clients at an unbeatable price.  You will be able to register Domain Names for up to ten years for only $9/year.

   Resell dedicated servers to your clients.  Most hosting companies will charge their clients $200-$300/month for a dedicated server.  Your cost is only $124.

   We will provide ALL Tech Support anonymously for all of your resold accounts with a Toll FREE number.  Also, we will provide all service for these accounts anonymously so that you can "Name Brand" these hosting services under your own company name.  We will even provide you with a FREE "Ready-to-Run" anonymous support web site for your own Online Tech Support, Online Manuals, Ticket Monster, Server Status, and Knowledge Base.  We will give you everything you'll ever need to make your company "look and feel" like the REAL Web Host.

   Basically, we'll do ALL the Work while YOU make ALL the PROFITS.  We'll make your company "look good" while providing all of the web hosting services that you sell.


   Complete transparency in every aspect allows each 6STAR.NET reseller to fulfill their services without the worry of ever being discovered as a reseller.  And since we provide your clients with a dedicated and anonymous 24 hour toll-free technical support system, you can concentrate on selling while 6STAR.NET does all of the hard work.  Exclusive 6STAR.NET PLP Resellers can take advantage of ALL of our feature packed plans.


   Our pricing structure is based around the principle that low prices and superior services are the keys to a profitable relationship. With "Full Featured" hosting prices as low as $7.95/month per domain, we leave plenty of room for your ability to market and profit from these tremendous packages.

Gold Unix is $7.95
Platinum Unix is $15.95
Gold Windows is $15.95
Platinum Windows is $22.95
Double disk space to 1.5 gigs (1500 megs) is $6.95
Domain registration is $12 (first year) and $9 for additional years
Platinum Optimization Service $349
Dedicated server is $124
Setup fee on all resold accounts is $12
Setup fee to build and setup a dedicated server is $200
Online auctions  $16.95   Now Free with all Unix accounts
Personal Name Servers $24.95
Miva Order $4.95
Miva Merchant $16.95
URL Forwarding $10  One-time setup fee

Reseller Program Highlights  

No Long Term commitments - all contracts are month to month.
Only Reseller Program in the industry that combines the ability to resell Unix accounts, NT accounts, Merchant accounts, Domain Name Registration and Web Design services.
Unbeatable Price - resold domains as low as $7.95 each.
Setting up your first Platinum account gives you the ability to market hosting services with your business' core competencies with no barrier to entry.
No Limit on the number of resold accounts you can have.
Anonymous 24 x7 Toll-Free phone, chat and Email support for your clients every day of the year (ALL holidays included).
Anonymous Online Manual, support site and network status for your clients to use
Ability to offer your clients Merchant Accounts direct using our established industry leading partnership with CardServices International and iBill with 100% acceptance.  No setup fees.
Have your client's Domains Registered immediately with 6STAR.NET's Gold Premier partnership as a Domain Name registrar.
Avoid the Expense involved by maintaining in-house web servers, mail servers, DNS servers and other expensive hardware required to host Internet web sites.
We remain completely Anonymous to each account you setup.  This allows you to promote your company and resell our hosting solutions under your own company name.  We bill you direct for each account, never your client!
Get your client's web sites to the top of ALL the major search engines by reselling our Platinum Optimization services to your customers.  This service will guarantee that your customer's web sites will get seen or they will get their money back.
Incorporate your customers online for $99 in 5 minutes. If your customers need to incorporate their company, you can provide this service too.
You will have an instant "One Stop Web Shop" to perform every service that your online customers will ever need by using all of our strategic partnerships without having to do any kind of setup.

Reseller Program Mechanics

   Our reseller program was designed to provide you with numerous benefits and help position you as a one-source supplier of high quality web hosting solutions for your customers.  Once you signup for one of our Platinum web hosting Plans, you can immediately start reselling our entire portfolio of high-quality products and services at any price you see fit.

   You now have the ability to offer:  Unix and NT web hosting, Unix and NT e-commerce packages, web site creation, and turn-key merchant account solutions.  In keeping with industry standards you and your customers or resellers can resell our services with a substantial mark-up and still remain highly competitive.

   With no minimum domain quota required and no setup fees, we have "Full Featured" hosting accounts available to you for only $7.95/month that other competitors are charging $20-25/month direct to the public. We provide your resold customers with the highest levels of service and support via our online support chat, our 24-hour toll free call center and 24-hour support ticket system, and still maintain our anonymity as your back-end partner.

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