6STAR.NET Order Forms

   Thank you for choosing 6STAR.NET, the ULTIMATE Web Host.  To get setup, all you have to do is fill out one of the Short Forms below with all of your setup information.  The following list of our online order forms is explained in detail below:

Web Hosting Services Domain Name Services
Signup for New Account
Hosting Add-ons
Dedicated Server Upgrades
NEW Domain Name Registration
Renew EXISTING Domain
URL & Email Forwarding
Reseller Order Forms Web Site Promotion
Signup New Resold Account
Reseller Add-ons
Platinum Optimization Service

Signup for New Hosting Account will allow you to Setup a New Hosting Account or Dedicated Server.  Any other related services (Add-ons and Domain Registration) can be ordered on this same form with the new account.  If you wish to upgrade an existing account, then use the Hosting Add-ons Form below.

Platinum Optimization Services will optimize your home page so that it will be listed at the TOP of major Search Engines.  This will really make your hit counter spin and give your site the visibility and sales that you want.  In fact, here's our money back guarantee - we will guarantee that your web site is listed at the top of at least 3 major search engines with the key words that you choose.  Click here for details.

Domain Name Registration forms will allow you to Register a New Domain or Renew an Existing Domain.  These forms are meant for people who do NOT have hosting services with us.  Please note that if you want to setup a New Hosting Account with us, this will be included as part of the Signup Process.  Also, if your web site is on our servers, you may use the Hosting Add-ons Form to renew your domain registration without having to type in all of your charge card info.

URL & Email Forwarding is our Exclusive URL Forwarding service which will allow you to forward any domain name to any location, including a subdirectory of another web site.  Although a few other registrars can do this if your domain is registered with them, we can do it for ANY domain.  Even if it is registered by another company!!!  Also, this service will forward all email to any valid email address that you want.

Hosting Add-ons Form should be used to upgrade Existing accounts.  These add-ons are also included on the Signup for New Hosting Services form and will allow you to upgrade your account with things such as:

  • Renew Domain Name registration

  • Upgrade/Downgrade account

  • Double Disk Space (1.5 gig)

  • Miva Order

  • Miva Merchant

  • Personal Name Servers

  • Online Auction

  • Cancel Account

Reseller Order Form is used to setup New accounts for your resold clients.

Reseller Add-ons Form is used to Upgrade/Downgrade/Cancel your resold client's accounts.

To upgrade a Dedicated Server

To upgrade your dedicated server, please contact our Sales Office with details of the upgrade you would like.  You may contact us at either salesinfo@6star.net or toll free at (888)414-4614.


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